◻You use a lot of why’s these days.

◼It’s how you get to know a person. All normal people do.

◻Ah, there’s a catch. Normal. Don’t forget our agreement. I ask questions. You answer them gracefully, honestly, and beautifully. With your smile that slowly reveals the heartbreaking dimple.

◼You make me feel gay. I don’t quite dislike it though. 

◻oh then you could be gay.

◼Ah get in to my head. AND…And…if I ask questions…

◻I answer them. Most gracefully. And MOST dishonestly. I wouldn’t smile though. I’m yet to learn the art of happy-ing.

◼May be you’ll smile when you stop being dishonest.

◻I will. In a few year’s time. 40 is when people turn honest.


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