New Year Resolution

Read more. Read much MORE.

Write a lot. (Stop writing on cupboards and in other people’s stuff)

Walk a lot.

Walk without crying.

Cry less. Much less. Way less. For Christ’s sake, stop crying woman!

Run more.

Kiss more. Hug more.

Have more sex.

Love more. Love a lot more.

Make more calls. Expect less calls.

Expect hardly anything.

Eat better. Eat only home-produced eggs. Drink a LOT.

Less rum-candy. More rum-rum.

Yell less. Yell a lot less.

Help more. Oblige less.

Don’t hurt. Hurt less.

Rewire brain. Try left-hand writing. Or sudoku. Or just basic Mathematics. Or French. Hmm …

Stop chewing nails. God! Stop it.

Say thank you. Mainly when you pray.

Say a lot of self-affirmation talks. Use a mirror.

Listen more. Resist the urge to correct or judge.

Express less. Please! For fuck’s sake … less melodrama.

Way less melodrama.

Improve cooking.

Less tea. Tad less tea. (Never mind)

Learn a new skill.

Learn more.

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