November 2, 2016

“Please keep your anger aside. Call him.  Wish him good luck.”

There wasn’t any reply. He sat glued to his computer. Apparently, winning the Amazon competition seemed more important than saving relationships.

“Hey hey, if you do, he’ll remember. Then he’ll show up with a bunch of red roses, or whatever guys do, then she’ll be happy that he remembered the anniversary, and she’ll bake his favourite cake, their daughter will be happy …”

He let out a sigh. A painful one for the listener. He gave the same stern reply. “I had put an end to this.”

He got up and left the room.

“If we have the power to make others happy, we should do it by all means. Even if it hurts us and makes us cry. It will still be worth it.” She jotted down the wasted thoughts on her pad. And wished upon all stars.


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