Letters to My Child

Dear child,

You know you’re one of the naughtiest in class. Not bad. Naughty. The difference is immense. Your heart is good. You’re a compassionate person. You’re pure.
Your character takes after mine. We’re both extremely sensitive. And we decide with our hearts. We expect a lot. We get hurt at the tiniest errors.
I want to say it is all very good. That I expect others to be so.
But my life has taught me that it doesn’t work very well that way. We have to tame ourselves. We have to learn to control our emotions and feelings. I still haven’t and I’m 31 now. People around me, most of them, are good at taming their instincts. I don’t want them to. The thing is, when you control your negatives, your brain slowly accepts the rewiring. And it learns by itself to reduce many other emotions too. Like love, care, which is all very good.
I fail to give a proper advice here. I want you to love every deserving one with your whole heart. Especially when you fall in love. I stress on the ‘deserving’ part. Just because we love, doesn’t mean it has to be received. Not every one wants love. They may deserve it. But they may not want. They may not expect it from you. And when they don’t, they will not value it. No matter how much we love. So be on guard when you attempt to love. You’ll be disappointed. But that is okay. You’ll learn. Most people will disappoint you. But it is fine. Cry your heart out. Write it out. Take a good look around and stick to people who are present. Who notices you. Receive their love for a change. You don’t always have to be a giver. Remember you deserve to receive too. That is the problem with the givers. They find no comfort in receiving. But it is beautiful too. And when your heart breaks that is what you should look for. And there will always be shoulders for you to lean on. All you have to do is search for it. With hope. And you will find. Never shut yourself out. When it isn’t a good idea to depend on other sources for your happiness, we can’t ignore the fact that we’re all human beings and we all crave for affection. Good people hurt more. Believe that everything is okay. If your mind resists, write it down. I assure you, it will all be fine.

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