Fixing, October 15, 2016

One of the worst things to do when you’re bruised is to spend time alone. It just rips you apart. Tears find their ways back. It isn’t always not possible to have company. You’re prone to be alone at some point. Plan accordingly. Dress and go out. Visit a library. Make two or three rounds to the supermarket. Or a cloth store. Some thing.

And if being out is not an option, then fix it before things go out of hand. Oh no. You may not want to read. Chances of stumbling upon another bruised soul are very likely. So, simply stay away for a while. No television or movies. Baking works. It takes mind off things. Gardening helps. Not if it is a hot day and the sun is waiting to rip your skin off. Painting and drawing help. 

…Nope. The pain won’t go away. It never does. It likes to feed on you, cell by cell. You can choose to do something else and ignore it. Do it enough times and that becomes a practice.

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