October 10, 2016

Truth: You’ll never get over someone. You being ‘the you’. People like you. Who cares to read or research on something like this. For a hyper sensitive, forgetful person things come and go easily for me. When the truth hits, I sit and weep. I find reasons to be alone or to read (the same page a hundred times) or to walk on the terrace past midnight. Just to let gallons of tears leak out of all teardu ts, tearing the tearducts, so you may find some relief. The only relief that you’ll get is the immense fatigue that leads you to a sleep from which you’ll wake up and relive it all only to be sad again. Then again, life has to go on. You have to deal with it all. The people who deserve your kindness and love can’t be ignored. You have got to find sources of happiness. You’ve got to.learn to smile again. You’ve got to find ways to stop crying. And when all that happens, the resourceful brain plays tricks on you. Fate toys with you. Things happen. Memories happen. You cry more. Nothing is ever going to make you feel better or be glad or forgive or forget about it. You accept it and let yourself to be torn apart because that’s  what you are. You love and hence you suffer everything that love gives. You don’t grow beyond that. But that is okay. 

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