September 23, 2016

I lied. I told him I was scared to sleep alone. Staring at the fat book in my hands, I said I was scared of the demons. They were everywhere. He paused at the bedroom door. The light from the kitchen revealed his pitiful face. He found himself drawn towards me. Laying his large hands on my legs, he leaned close to me. He couldn’t love me. But he did love the little girl i once were. He lay down beside me. I felt comforted. My uterus overjoyed. I saw the demons, (like the blank ink bleeding  on a paper, the eerie balck blotches that bored school children make), spread everywhere across the room. Then all of them came to form a ball around me. All ink into a giant dollop. It entered, was sucked in to, the man sleeping next to me. My comforter. The demons comforted me.