September 21, 2016

I remember the way you kissed. The cold lips. The tired eyes. The hushed sighs. You hardly touched me. You never loved me. You were selfless until now. You were too well-mannered not to oblige. You remained silent. You were always calm. I was the one who imagined. I was the one with all the fantasies. You never said a yes. You never said much. My dreams ruined me. My ambitions brought forth my misery. You’re only a fictional character that took the shape I wanted. Nothing more. No feelings. No emotions. No goodness. No sweetness. No warmth. I wish I could just shut my eye and make you disappear at the bat of my eye lid. I cannot. If it were easy, then it wouldn’t be my life, would it? I’m back to me. The lone sufferer. The weeper. The loved less. The forgotten. The germ.