Heart Quivers


August 28, 2016, Forty Three Minutes of Heaven

It is their routine. After their 43 minutes of heaven, he always asks, “how are you?”. The are had more A’s. And, like a trained child, she replies, ” I’m fine, thank you!”. The ‘nk’ always drowning in her giggle. Then it is his turn to tickle her and he pulls her closer towards him so she would once more rub her cheeks against his unshaven, sharp beard. Then it ends. The eyes well up. Millions of hushed-up words arise in his.mind. Words, if used carelessly, would turn her insane. “Say something nice”. She always begs. Like a child begging for a third spoon of sugar. He doesn’t. He bites and pulls her lips until she lets out a scream. Some more kisses. Some.more hugs. It’s just the 43-minutes of heaven.