August 4, 2016

​You humiliated me today. Without apologising, you continue to make me miserable. You abandoned me when you could make better decisions. I’m never going to trust you again. I’ve always lived in fear of you publicly humiliating me. And today you performed well. No amount of painkillers helped ease the pain. I sat alone the whole day. I had the worst pathetic time. It isn’t just you who’s got problems. It isn’t and shouldn’t be about you. I kept silence because I no longer care like I did before. Sometimes fights happen between people who care. Silence happens when they’re tired to care anymore. I wanted to blast out on seeing you. I’m just tired. I’m drained. Completely drained. I feel alone and scared. And you’re making me miserable every second. Just try to change. Because I seriously know where this will lead to and I don’t think it will be nice.