August 2, 2016

I wish to go to the beach.

I wish to take a stroll in the park.

I wish to visit the street book stores and sniff all the old dusty discarded books.

I wish to eat at the old pop’s roadside shop. I wish to eat the extra hot omelette and drink the best tea in the world and enjoy the tears brought forth from within.

I wish to climb up all the steps at MG College, and watch the sunset like never before.

I wish to pick up all seashells from the never ending vast stretch of the beautiful sun-kiseed sand.

I wish to light a hundred candles at the seaside church.

I wish to hold your hand and walk under the moonlit sky and steal a kiss or two unseen by the crowd.

I wish to gaze at stars and discover all the bears hiding amidst those.

I wish to always remember the scent of your shirts.

I wish to sit next to you and sleep on your shoulders.

I wish to watch you criticise my soiled books.

I wish to be privileged enough to have all my wishes come true.


August 2, 2016

She leaned forward and rested her chin on his shoulder. Then whimpered.

“Answer me first.” He shook her.

She snarled. “Don’t push me away when I hug.”

He couldn’t help but grin. “You do that to me all the time. And that’s fair?”

“Hey, your groin wants the hug. My heart wants the hug.”

Red with anger and desire, he clenched her. He bit her hard which left purple marks on her chin. She cried in pain. Tears gushed out. She sniffed and sighed. She leaned for the remaining of the hug. “Always mine.” They whispered.

Someone said

​”When I don’t know what I’m doing, I look like I don’t know what I’m doing. 

When I’m excited or nervous, I look excited or nervous.

And when I’m lost, which is frequently, I look lost.

My face is a  transparent transmitter of my every thought.

-Elizabeth Gilbert


August 1, 2016

A chocolate is a good therapy. So is your arm around her waist. The fingers running through her hair. Whispering how much you missed her. Foot brushing against foot. Ah it is the best. Let yoir hands cover her naked arms. Pull her and coil around her. Let her pain escape as hums. Kiss more and more on her cheeks. Nibble more and more on her neck. The touch is a magical experience. Never deny it. Touch her more. Let her survive.