Snippet – Letter to my Son

As I lie reading on the bed, I hear screams from neighbouring houses. No, it isn’t a horror story. The girl next door wants yogurt for lunch. Her mum was about to put it back in the refrigerator. Is it something you should scream for? She isn’t the only one. I myself am a screamer. I was the worst when I was growing up. My parents, your dad, everyone has their share of tolerating my screams.
People who scream a lot at other human beings, or living things, are poorly blessed. I consider myself blessed though…
Always, always, always, treat fellow humans with respect. Sometimes, they may not deserve it. Or, like how I think — most times. When someone is too hard to be handled properly, remember this. Just like how we imagine we’re going through pain, every single person is going through something similar. Everyone deserves kindness. Especially, people who seem impossible. Love them when they’re at their worst. People need attention when they least deserve it. You get it? The screamings, the tears, the tantrums are all a person’s ways of pathetically begging, “please love me, don’t hate me”. It’s just that their ego is the size of an enormous crap that the request comes out as arrows piercing us.
Have I made it clear?
As a 6-year old child, I find you sensitive. Kind. Empathetic. Every quality that may make you a screamer. Good people tend to be so. The world, the society transforms us into that. We think we deserve good treatment because we know we’re kind. I mean, we’re kind inside. Well, the world, the stupid stupid world, doesn’t work that way. (Sorry, rude words!)
So, learn to meditate. Take deep breaths. Show kindness towards the undeserving. Have a less opinion of yourself. If you know you’re good, then that is all you need. You do not require any bloody one’s certificate. (Sorry, bad language!)
Be kind!