July 28

They kissed hungrily. Greedily.

She pushed him. Clenched and tugged his shirt. 

“I know what you wish to hear.”

“Then say it.”

He leaned to kiss her. 

“No, say it. I’ll behave.”

“You won’t. I can’t afford to lose you. Lose this.”

Then one day

“You’re fidgeting.”

“Hold my hands. And I will stop.”

“You regret this already?”

“Yes. It’s been five minutes and you’re sitting a mile away from me.”

Then be pulled her chair towards him, and tugged at her waist. 

“Ouch. Your actions do not match that serene face.”

He smirked. He held her tighter.

“Hey! I have no regrets. I’m overjoyed.”

“That’s because you’re stupid.”

“Ah! Trying to turn me on? I am not stupid … or may be, a bit … It’s just that the reasoning part of my brain is snoozing. You …”

His kisses swallowed the rest of her words.